MBM Models

Under Fire Miniatures - 1/72

A = € 5,00B = € 6,50C = € 7,50D = € 8,00
E = € 9,00F = € 10,00G = € 11,50 
G 01Ambushed 3 men moto-cycle teamA
G 021/2 section - 1x NCO with SMG, 3x riflemen, 1x SMG gunnerC
G 03Checking papers - 1xsailor, 1xOff, 1xNCO with dog, 2xsoldiers, telegraph poleD
G 04Command pack - Officer, Medic, 2 rifle man & panzer crew manC
G 05LMG group in great coats - troop commander, gunner w/MG34 and 3 riflemenC
G 06Rifle group in great coats - commander and 5 riflemenD
G 07Platoon HQ pack - 4 figures in great coatsB
G 08MG-08 team - 6 figures in great coatsF
G 10German engineers in great coats - set I - 3 figuresA
G 11German engineers in great coats - set II - 4 figuresA
G 12Company command team in great coats - set I - 5 figuresB
G 14S.A Stormtroopers - 4 figuresA
G 15Medic team and casualty in great coats - 6 figuresF
G 16Company command team in great coats - set II - 5 figuresB
G 17Schupos/Schutzpolizei - 5 figuresC
G 1820 mm Flack Gun team - 8 figuresF
 Kriegsmarine (these figures all wear naval rig and uniforms) 
KM 01Kriegsmarine Command element - 3 figuresA
KM 02
Kriegsmarine LMG team in naval dress - 5 figuresB
KM 03Naval MMG team - 6 figuresD
KM 04Naval 20 mm Flack team - 8 figuresF
KM 05Naval Signals team - 5 figuresC
IT 014x riflemen, 1x SMGB
 Polish defence troops Westerplatte 1926-1939 
WP 014x advancing - 1x Off, 1x NCO, 2x BAR team. All in light order & sapper bootsB
WP 024x advancing - 1x naval NCO, 3 riflemenB
WP 035x figures prone, 1x kneeling naval NCOD
WP 044x figures - 1x Officer with binoculars, 2x rifles, 1x BARB
WP 056x figures - medium mortar teamF
WP 067x figures - Westerplatte Garrison Command TeamF
WP 075x man bunker teamC
WP 08MMG team - 5 figuresD
WP 09Medical team - 7 figuresE
WP 10Logistics team - 6 figuresE
 Russian (all sets include a scenery piece) 
R 023x soldiers at rest, 1x standing watch with DP LMGC
R 031x officer with binoculars, 1x firing, 1x reloading, 1x crawling, all with SMGC
R 042x soldiers packing a heavy machine gun (4 pieces)A
 Spanish Civil War 
SCW 01British batalion IC
 Afghan Taliban 
AT 016x Taliban fighters with mixed weapons and accessoriesF
AT 024x Taliban - 2x A.K.74's, 1x A.K./B.G-15 combo, 1x PKM machine gunB
AT 034x Taliban - 1x G3, 1x A.K.74, 1x R.P.G. 7, 1x kneels & fires S.V.D.B
AT 042x Taliban gun crew (1x spotter, 1x gunner) with SPG-9A
 Afghan National Army (ANA) 
ANA 01ANA fire team - 1xfire team leader, 1xrifleman, 1xgrenadier, 1xMinimi gunnerB
ANA 02ANA soldiers - 2x M16A2's, 1x RPG-7, 1x with PKMB
 1982 "Peace in Galilee" Israelis 
AS 015 man I.D.F. soldiers team - set IC
AS 025 man I.D.F. soldiers team - set IIC
AS 035 man I.D.F. soldiers team - set IIIC
AS 043 man M47 Dragon ATGM teamC
 1982 "Peace in Galilee" Syrians 
SY 015 man Syrian Arab Army - set IC
SY 025 man Syrian Arab Army - set IIC
SY 035 man Syrian Arab Army Command teamC
SY 043 man AT-3 Sagger ATGMC
SY 052 man Milan teamB
 British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) 
BAOR 01Platoon Command - 5 figuresC
BAOR 02Fire team I - 4 figuresB
BAOR 03Fire team II - 4 figuresB
BAOR 04Sustained fire machine gun team - 4 figuresC
BAOR 05Light support team - 5 figuresC
BAOR 06Milan ATGM team - 3 figuresB
BAOR 07Prone infantery - 4 figuresB
BAOR 08WOMBAT rcl team - 4 figuresC
 British 2003-2009 
MB 014x patrol with mixed weaponsB
MB 022x soldiers with .50 cal tripod mounted HMGA
MB 033x soldiers on patrolA
MB 043x S.A.S. in Afghanistan from 2006 onwardA
MB 054x S.A.S. & 1 AfghanC
MB 06Milan ATGM teamB
 Helmand Brits 2010 (wearing the new Osprey body armour) 
HB 014 figures with mixed weaponsB
HB 021x LSW gunner, 1x medic, 1x SA 80, 1x SA 80 w/pistol & MAWB
HB 031x firing SA 80, 1x sharpshooter 7.62 mm, 1x AI sniper rifle, 1x SA 80 w/pistolB
HB 04SFMG team - 1x team leader with SA 80, 1x gunner on sandbag, 1x loaderB
HB 054 figures fighting packB
HB 064 man engineer packB
HB 074 man command packB
HB 083 man support pack with missiles and mortarC
HB 091x platoon commander/SNCO, 1x sniper, 1x JTAC, 1x engineerB
HB 104 man fighting pack IIB
HB 114 man patrol packB
HB 124 man house clearence pack B
 UK Armed Police 
AP 014 mixed figures - 3x with G36 carbine, 1x with pistol and shieldB
AP 024 mixed figures - 1x commander & 2 officers all w/MP5, 1x Off w/battering ramB
AP 05Urban Militia - pack I - 4 figuresB
AP 07Countryside Militia - pack I - 4 figuresB
 Rhodesian Home Front 
RHF 01Rhodesian family I - 4 figuresB
RHF 02Rhodesian farm guard - 4 figuresB
RHF 03Rhodesian police anti-terrorist unit - 4 figuresB
 Rhodesian Light Infantry 
RLI 016x soldiers armed with SLR's in fighting posesD
RLI 022x gpmg's, 2x SLR's, 1x RPK with drum magazineC
 Rhodesian Special Air Service 
RHSAS 01AK 47/SLR - 3 figuresB
RHSAS 02RPD - 3 figuresB
RHSAS 05.50 cal HMG - 3 figuresB
RHSAS 06AGS-17 AGL - 3 figuresB
RHSAS 0760 mm Mortar team - 3 figuresB
 Selous Scouts 
SS 014 Selous scouts with AK 47B
SS 02Selous scouts II - 4x scouts with SLR'sB
ZANLA 014 ZANLA insurgents mixed weapons IB
ZANLA 024 ZANLA insurgents mixed weapons IIB
ZANLA 034 ZANLA insurgents obsolete weaponsB
 Rhodesian African Rifles 
R.A.R. 014 man stick of Rhodesian African riflesB
R.A.R. 024 figure command packB
R.A.R. 034 figure scouting packB
R.A.R. 04Engage 4 figure fighting packB
R.A.R. 05RPG7 team 4 menB
R.A.R. 063 man hunting packA
R.A.R. 07 RCL crew and RPG 7 - 4 figuresB
R.A.R. 0881mm medium mortar with crew - 4 figures
 Rhodesian Grey's Scouts 
GS 012 mounted figures stationaryB
GS 022 mounted figures walkingB
GS 032 mounted figures activeB
GS 042 mounted figures gallopingB
 South African Defence Force 
SADF 01Set I - 4 figuresB
SADF 02Set II - 4 figuresB
SADF 03Set III - 4 figuresB
SADF 04Set IV - 4 figuresB
 Angolan Gouvernment Regulars (FAPLA) 
FAPLA 01Set I - 4 figuresB
FAPLA 02Set II - 4 figuresB
FAPLA 03Set III - 4 figuresB
FAPLA 04Set IV - 4 figuresB
FAPLA 05Set V - 4 figuresC
FAPLA 06Set VI - 4 figuresC
MR 013 men checkpoint pack - 1x civilian and 2 soldiersA
MR 023x soldiers with mixed weaponsA
MR 033x soldiers with AK 74A
MR 043x soldiers - 2x laying down, 1 standing with sniper rifleA
MR 055x MVD/OMON special forcesC
MR 063 men MVD/OMON patrolA
MR 07Support set: mortar with 2 crew, 9M133 Kornet ATGM, operator & reloadC
MR 08Support set: SPG-9 & AGS-17 with crewB
 Chechen and Militia 
CH 014 Tank Hunters - mixed clothing and weaponsB
CH 02S.A.M. / HQ team - 4 figures mixed clothing and weaponsB
CH 03ATGM team - 2 figures with AT-5 kornet/sprigganA
CH 04Leader and Light support - female sniper - 4 figuresB
CH 05Riflemen mixed weapons - 4 figuresB
CH 06SPG team - 2 figures with SPGA
CH 07AGS17 with 2 man crewA
MI 01Militia group I RPG - 4 figures mixed clothing and weaponsB
MI 02Militia group II PKM/RPK - 4 figures mixed clothing and weaponsB
MI 032 man Kurdish Milan ATGM team 
V 014x US Army special forces soldiersB
V 025x US InfantryC
V 036 Vietnamese civilians & 1 NVA soldierF