MBM Models
Sergeants' Mess - 1/72
 True 1/72 scale white metal and resin figures, vehicles and accessories 


A = € 1,75C = € 2,50D = € 3,50E = € 4,00F = € 5,00
H = € 6,00J = € 7,50L = € 9,00M = € 10,00Q = € 12,50
R = € 17,50S = € 65,00T = € 37,50Z = € 25,00 
 Civilian figures 
NC 01Ladies - 4 figures metalE
NC 02Men - 4 figures metalE
NC 03Children - 4 figures metalE
NC 04Handcart with 2 people and choice of loadsF
NC 05Handcart with 2 people and choice of loadsF
NC 06Workmen - 4 figures metalE
NC 07Ford lorry crew - 3 figures metalE
NC 08Seated figures - 4 figures metalE
NC 09Holy orders - 4 figures metalE
NC 10Casualties - 4 figures metalE
NC 11Civic authorities - 4 figures metalE
NC 12Medical personnel - 4 figures metalE
NC 13Aid post casualties - 4 figures metalE
NC 14Scout group with collection cart - 5 figures, 1 cart with different loadsJ
NC 15Assorted Scouts - 8 figures metal J
NC 16Policeman and postman on bicycles - 2 figures metalE
NC 17French gendarme and onion seller on bicycles - 2 figures metalE
NC 18Girl guides - 5 figures metalF
NC 19Transport personnel for buses - 4 figures metalE
NC 19 ATransport personnel for buses - 2 full and 2 half figures metalE
NC 20Farmers wife with bags/sacsC
NC 21Milkman and 4 churnsC
NC 22Group of seated figures and 2 figures leading a horse - metalE
NC 23Service women - 4 figures metalE
NC 24Workmen - 4 figures and wheelbarrow E
NC 25European cafe owner and staff - 4 figures metalE
NC 26Courting couple in a rowing boatH
NC 27Fisherman, small boy and dog in rowing boatH
NC 28RAF escapee's 2x and resistance fighters 2xE
NC 29Seated men (2x) playing a game at a circular table and 2 chairsE
NC 30BSA with sidecar, ladder and window cleanerF
NC 31BSA AA motorbike and sidecarF
NC 32Civilian BSA combination 1 rider and a choice of 2 passengersF
NC 33Trawler crew - 4 figuresE
NC 34Market stall with trader and goods - MDF stall and metal figuresJ
NC 35Market stall with trader and meat - MDF stall and metal figuresJ
NC 364 Market tradersE
NC 37RNLI 4 sailors in sou'westersE
 Horse Drawn vehicles 
HD 01Small farm cart with 1 horse - metal kitJ
HD 02Larger farm cart, driver and 2 horses - metal kitL
HD 03Damaged horse drawn cart with dead horse and 2 civilian casualties - metal kitJ
HD 04Small cart with spoked wheels, 1 man sitting and 1 man leading assH
HD 05Small cart with pneumatic wheels, 1 man sitting and 1 man leading assH
HD 06General cart with a load pulled by a farm horseH
GM 016 x .30 cal MG'sD
GM 026 x .50 cal MG'sD
GM 036 x Vickers K guns with mountsD
GM 04US stowage and toolsD
GM 0510 x oil drumsD
GM 06Sand channels: 6 large and 6 smallD
GM 07Assorted German stowage and workshop itemsD
GM 085 x Cullen's CuttersD
GM 09Sherman Air Ducts Wading D-Day (1 large, 1 small)D
GM 10Assorted tarpaulinsD
GM 11German vehicle tools and 6 jacksD
GM 1217 pounder ammunition and shellsD
GM 136 x Lewis gunsD
GM 1420 mm magzines and boxesD
GM 15Spare Sherman tracks and wheelsD
GM 16German jerry cansD
GM 17Assorted small boxesD
GM 18Allied jerry cansD
GM 195 x Bren guns in vehicle mountsD
GM 20Russian turret top MG's (4 heavy, 2 light)D
GM 213 x MG 34 and 3 x MG 42 (incl. bipods and mounts)D
GM 226 x rockets for KatushaD
GM 23British Infantry small arms: pistols, brens, .303 riflesD
GM 24German AT weapons: panzer Faust, panzer checkD
GM 254 x Russian tank external fuel tanksD
GM 26Early War British flimsies and oil cansD
GM 27Late War British small armsD
GM 28.30 cal US hull MG's (30 x)D
GM 29German MG 34 hull MG's (30 x)D
GM 30Russian hull MG's (30 x)D
GM 31British Besa hull MG's (30 x)D
GM 32T34 tracks and wheelsD
GM 33Panther spare track and road wheelsD
GM 34Assortment of cable rolls, hoses and wiresD
GM 35British stowage (contents will vary)D
GM 36Vickers MMG and mountsD
GM 37Russian small armsD
GM 38Early War German small armsD
GM 39Late War German small armsD
GM 401 m of chain +/- 1.5 mm per linkD
GM 41U.S.small armsD
GM 42 Assorted tiresD
GM 431 m cableD
GM 44Sandbags for vehiclesD
GM 45Assorted medium boxesD
GM 46Generic vehicle stowageD
GM 47Britisch tank stowageD
GM 48Large storesD
GM 4940 BottlesD
GM 50Gas cylindersD
GM 51Allied vehicle toolsD
GM 52Malkara A/T rocketsD
GM 53Vehicle crash barsD
GM 54150mm Panzer WerferD
GM 55Swingfire missile podsD
GM 56German ammo boxesD
GM 57Bazooka 6xD
GM 58British drop canistersD
GM 59German drop canistersD