MBM Models
GeBo Figures - 1/72

New range of high quality resin figures and tanks

 Tanks (1945 onwards)
GEBO 72001E-Panzer Rutscher (Slider) € 23,00
GEBO 72002E-25 Ausf. C Panzer Jagdhund (Huntingdog)€ 27,00
GEBO 72003Panzer IX Jaguar (Ex-World at Arms) resin€ 27,00
GEBO 72004Panzer X Sabelzahntiger (Sabelthoothtiger)€ 27,00
GEBO 72005Kriegshammer (Warhammer) (Ex-Cpl Motorpool Overby)€ 29,00
GEBO 72006O-Ho 120T Japanese heavy tank (Ex-World at Arms)€ 48,00
 Figures WWII
GEBO 72007Civilians 1939-1945€ 12,50
GEBO 72008German Stug crew with 2 officers in winter clothing€ 12,50
GEBO 72009German Tank riders Karkov set I€ 14,00
GEBO 72011German Panzergranadier Stalingrad winter€ 12,50
GEBO 72013German Winter mix set I€ 14,00
GEBO 72014German Panzer riders winter set I€ 15,00
GEBO 72017German Tank crews winter sert I€ 14,00
GEBO 72019German Sledge with horse, driver and wounded soldiers€ 14,00
 Figures What if (1945 onwards) 
GB SET 24German arms set 1 1946 12 weapons with extras€ 09,00
GB SET 25German Fallschirmjager 1946 with IR and flak-jacket standing€ 06,00
GB SET 26German Fallschirmjager 1946 with IR and flak-jacket attacking€ 09,00
GB SET 27German Fallschirmjager 1946 with IR and flak-jacket MG-team€ 06,00
GB SET 28German Fallschirmjager 1946 with IR and flak-jacket specialists€ 06,00
GB SET 29German heavy armored infantry 1946 with sturmgewehr 44€ 09,00
GB SET 30German heavy armored infantry 1946 with heavy weapons€ 06,00
GB SET 36Panzercommandantin Helga mit Grossfuss Sturmgewehr€ 03,00