MBM Models






White metal figures based upon the Osprey series of books


Attack Hobby Kits

High quality plastic and resin kits


Black Army Models

High quality resin figures, scenery diorama's




Black Lion Decals

Decals for models or special markings


C-P Models

High quality white metal WWII figures


Den Bels Models

High quality resin kits of unusual vehicles





High quality resin buildings and accessories



High quality diorama parts and kits



High quality resin diorama bases and buildigs




High quality resin kits WWII and Modern


Forgotten War

High quality white metal Korean War figures

Friendship Models

Multi part high quality white metal figures




GeBo Figures

High quality resin tanks and figures


MBM Models

High quality resin/metal kits and figures



High quality resin/metal kits and figures




Sergeant's Mess

1/72 scale figures and vehicles in resin/metal



High quality resin animal sets


Tas Models

High quality Dutch model bunkers and tanks




TQD Miniatures

High quality 1/72 scale figures and accessories in metal


Underfire Miniatures

High quality metal figures WWII and Modern


Unicorn Models

High quality accessories and decals




Wespe Models

High quality resin models for the collector